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Meet our online teachers


Hello. My name's Elaine and I live in Santos - SP. I've been an English teacher since 1991, and I've been an Online Teacher at House of since July, 2001. Besides being an Online Teacher, I organize and mediate Hosted Chats, and I also write materials for our site. I love studying, going to the movies, to the beach and hanging out with my friends.


Hi! My name is Marcos and I live in São Paulo, SP. I've been working as an English teacher since 1990 and as an Online Teacher, Hosted Chat moderator and materials writer for House of and Yázigi since 2000. In my free time, I usually listen to music, read books and magazines, visit art galleries and parks, go to the movies and meet my friends and my family.


Hi! I'm Rossana and I've been working as a technical translator and a language teacher for over 20 years. I've been working as an Online Teacher and a Hosted Hosted Chat moderator for House of since April 2003. I have several pastimes, but my favorite ones are traveling, meeting people and learning about their culture. I also enjoy practicing sports and going trekking with my family. I prefer going to the movies to watching TV and I like to participate in events involving environmental care.


Hi there! My name's Simone. I started teaching English in 1991 and I've been an Online Teacher and a Hosted Chat moderator at House of since 2003. I also worked as a teacher and pedagogical assistant at a Yázigi school in São Paulo for about 5 years. I love reading, studying, watching movies and documentaries, traveling, cycling and going out with my family.



Hi! I'm Georgia. I started working as an Online Teacher and a Hosted Chat moderator at House of in 2002, and later was in charge of training new Online Teachers. In 2008 I became the coordinator of both the Online Teachers' team and the portal. I'm a teacher since 1993 and worked at two Yázigi branches, where I was also a Pedagogical Coordinator. In my free time, I like reading, listening to different kinds of music, and being with my friends and family. I also love animals and traveling.